4110 NMIX Production

This past year I took a class that centered around learning the basics of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP and WordPress. The course lived up to its production name, therefore only the major projects are linked!


Using js, I created a jukebox type element to play four different songs with animation.

Final Project

I created a website for YouTuber, itsabbeybabe, using Bootstrap framework.


This was built using js and in my opinion is pretty fun.

3 Page Website

The travel website was built using strictly CSS and HTML from scratch.

Photography Site

I mocked up a potential photography website using Bootstrap.

North Campus Tour

Using js, I designed a scrolling somewhat map of UGA's campus.

Mr. Potato Head

You can design multiple faces on this page.

PHP Basics

This pulls information and displays information using PHP.


Here's a class list including pictures and names when you hover of the people from my class.

4310 Rich Media Production

Rich Media Production focused all on app development. Using xcode and swift within the program, I worked all of Spring 2017 to develop various apps.


I created an app that plays music from a band called the Maine.

Final App

I created an app for an on campus magazine.


Here's an app using mapview!

New Media Capstone

The capstone course challenges students to put everything we've learned in our other NMI courses to the test. In this class, I helped to develop the app, created the project trailer and gave support to the rest of my team as needed.

Capstone Website

Here's the website to our project with all the deliverables.